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Click on the name of the facility for more detailed information including online inspection reports completed on or after July 1, 2002. Effective February, 2005 investigation reports that determine no violation of rule or statute are not placed on the website. Investigation reports with violation of rule or statute are removed after 2 years from the site. These reports may be obtained by making a Freedom of Information Act request.

Investigations by the Office of Children and Adult Licensing of suspected child abuse or neglect by child care providers are subject to the Child Protection Law, 1975 PA 238, as amended (MCL 722.621 - 722.638). Reports of such investigations are considered confidential records under MCL 722.627 and, therefore, neither subject to the Freedom of Information Act (1976 PA 442, as amended), nor posted on this website.
AF120308354 ALMOST LIKE HOME BRONSON BRANCH (517)858-1171 49028 -9028
AS120359234 GRANT STREET HOME BRONSON BRANCH (517)369-7286 49028 -9028
AF120283359 ANDERSON FOSTER CARE HOME BRONSON BRANCH (517)369-1602 49028 -9028
AL120091717 WESTBROOK HOME BRONSON BRANCH (517)369-1351 49028 -9028
AF120379052 DEE'S AFC BURR OAK BRANCH (269)689-8210 49030 -9030
AS120383698 HOPE NETWORK - LAKEWOOD COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-5933 49036 -9036
AS120359235 WOOD DRIVE HOME COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-4726 49036 -9036
AS120377744 UNITY GROUP IV, LLC COLDWATER BRANCH (517)924-0666 49036 -9036
AH120378302 MASONVILLE PLACE COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-6805 49036 -9036
AS120336139 UNITY GROUP II COLDWATER BRANCH (517)227-1867 49036 -9036
AF120000877 WING AFC HOME COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-6570 49036 -9036
AL120337252 GRAND VISTA COLDWATER BRANCH (517)227-5225 49036 -9036
AL120074548 DREWS PLACE OF COLDWATER COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-9400 49036 -9036
AS120359238 GAIL ANN HOME COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-8290 49036 -9036
AF120000818 HARMONY HOUSE COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-6833 49036 -9036
AS120359239 HAVEN HOME COLDWATER BRANCH (517)279-2049 49036 -9036
AF120290285 BATES, SHARON COLDWATER BRANCH (517)238-8391 49036 -9036
AS120359233 NORTH RIDGE HOME COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-6127 49036 -9036
AS120359237 QUIMBY HOME COLDWATER BRANCH (517)639-3562 49036 -9036
AL120238692 DREWS PLACE OF COLDWATER II COLDWATER BRANCH (517)278-9494 49036 -9036
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