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Michigan Workers' Compensation


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W C Info & Guidelines

Workers' Disability Compensation Act of 1969, Act 317 of 1969

Administrative Rules
      BWDC Administrative Rules
      BMAG Administrative Rules
      WCAC Administrative Rules

FAQs - Overview of Workers' Compensation in MI Overview of WC in MI

-- A Summary of Your Rights and Responsibilities under Workers' Disability Compensation

Panfleto -- Un Resumen de Sus Derechos y Responsabilidades Según la Compensación De la Incapacidad De Trabajadores


State Average Weekly Wage & Maximum Benefit Amounts

Travel Reimbursement Rates from 1982-Present

Hearing Office Locations and Phone Numbers

Contacting our Toll Free Phone Number 1-888-396-5041 -
A Guide to Help You Navigate the Automated Attendant

Pamphlet -- Quick Reference Guide to Division Addresses and Phone Numbers
Need to Know How to Complete a Form 701?

NAIC Numbers

Workers’ Compensation Bureau Period Life Table, 1997

Accumulative Table of Days

How to Calculate WC Periods Using Accumulative Table of Days

Franges Worksheet Excel Version of Franges Worksheet

Department of Health and Human Services -- New Policies for Medicare and Medicaid Services / Lump Sum Settlements

WC Appellate Commission Opinions

Michigan Court of Appeals and Supreme Court Opinions


2001 Annual Report 2001 Annual Report - 220 KB

2000 Annual Report 2000 Annual Report - 122 KB

1999 Annual Report 1999 Annual Report - 548 KB

1998 Annual Report 1998 Annual Report - 1,920 KB

1997 Annual Report 1997 Annual Report - 141 KB

Report of the Task Force on Vocational Rehabilitation in Workers' Compensation

Funds Review Committee Report

Report of the WC Funds Advisory Committee - December 2001

Notice of Dispute Reports

Paylag Reports
2001 2001
2000 2000
1999 1999
1998 1998

Information Pertaining to Specific Divisions in the Bureau
Compliance & Employer Records Division Info

Current Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage Lookup

Coverage Questions for Subcontractors, General Contractors, and Independent Contractors

WC Insurance Companies in Michigan List

Specific Risk Projects Listing
Michigan Economic Development Corporation--Michigan Business Guide to Workers' Compensation

Employers: Info on How to Reduce Your Cost of WC Insurance
Letter of Authorization

Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan (CAOM) for advice and information about
Workers' Compensation Insurance Policy Classification Codes and Experience Modification Factors and Michigan Workers' Compensation Placement Facility/Assigned Risk Pool
Health Care Services Division Info

Health Care Services Rules Order Form

Health Care Services Rules and Fee Schedules

Medical Services: An Overview for MI Workers' Compensation A Question and Answer Guide

Self-Insured Programs Division Info

Individual Self-Insured Employer List

Active Self-Insured Group List

Service Company List

Letter of Credit/Memorandum of Understanding

MI Continuous Surety Bond

MI Certificate of Specific/Aggregate Excess Liability Insurance

Self-Insurer's Claims Transfer Agreement

Vocational Rehabilitation Division Info

Pamphlet -- Vocational Rehabilitation for Injured Workers... help in returning to work

Spanish Version of Vocational Rehabilitation Pamphlet- Para una copia del folleto vocacional de la rehabilitación, vea por favor Compensación Para Trabajadores...Una Guia para Empleados

Listing of Approved Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities

Standards for Rehabilitation Facility Approval

Application for Registration as Bureau Approved Rehabilitation Facility

Report of the Task Force on Vocational Rehabilitation in Workers' Compensation

Information on the Michigan Quality Rehabilitation Service Delivery Guidelines

Concerns Regarding Rehabilitation Service Delivery

Policy Guidelines for VR Evaluation and Plan

CRC Ethics Committee Advisory on Data Sharing with Carriers

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Position Statement on Early Return to Work Programs

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