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Reports and Studies

MPSC Reports on the Status of Competition for Video Services in Michigan
  • Based on available data gathered by the Commission through its surveys over the last six years:

  • Prior to the Act, only 63 municipalities reported having two or more video/cable providers offering service. In 2013, two communities reported four providers; 28 communities reported having three providers; 81 communities reported having two providers; and 243 communities reported having one provider. Thirty communities reported having no providers.

  • Two new providers began offering video/cable services to Michigan residents in 2013: Mutual Data Services and Sand Creek Telephone Company.

  • During 2013, providers reported 2,338,067 video/cable customers in Michigan, an increase of 21,870 over what was reported the previous year. (This does not include subscribers to satellite services.)

  • There are currently 1,969 franchise agreements (both individual franchise agreements entered into before the Act that have not expired and Uniform Video Service Local Franchise Agreements required by the Act) in Michigan, a net decrease of 22 compared to the previous year. Of the total, 1,494 are classified as the Uniform Video Service Local Franchise Agreement, an increase of 93 from the previous year.

  • The MPSC made four recommendations to the legislature: extending the sunset date for Public Act 191 of 2009, which amended the Uniform Video Services Local Franchise Act (Public Act 480 of 2006), which provides for the MPSC to recover its actual costs in exercising its duties under the Act; changing the due date of the annual report to March 1 from February 1 to provide survey respondents more time to provide information to the MPSC; requiring providers to provide certain contact information to the MPSC; and requiring a provider to notify the Commission if it changes its name, goes out of business, or merges with another company.

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