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  Case Index
The Case Index is a listing of all utility cases filed with this Commission on and after January 1, 1990. (Information on cases filed between 1960 and 1989 can be found in our Case Index Archive.) It includes, the company name, case/docket number, caption information and the open, closed, and order dates for each case meeting the time criteria above. Using the fields below you can search for cases of interest to you. Orders issued after June 1, 1996 can be found in our Commission Orders directory.

The search can be completed using any one or more of the fields below. When searching you should not place quotation marks (" ") around words. The default for this search engine is to automatically search for the entire phrase. This setting can be changed in the "Match" pull down menu. The "Any" selection will search entries with any of the words that you have entered resulting in a very large set of results. See Instructions Below for Further Help.

Company Name:

Case opened from:
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Case Caption / Description:
Case closed from:
Case / Docket No:

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Looking for cases from 1960-1989


1. The lack of a match on a case or keyword/caption does not mean the case does not exist in our records. It may mean the case cannot be located using the terms you have selected. Since you may not know the exact terms we use in our files, you can increase your chances of a successful search by including variations of a keyword or any related terms.
2. The date fields must be entered in mm/dd/yy format.
3. Capitalization makes no difference.

4. If you only know part of a name, enter that part.  Example: You are looking for Lakehead but can only remember it has Lake in it.
5. If your search does not produce any results please try a more generalized search phrase. For example, if you are searching for "General Telephone Company" attempt your search using "General". Home | MPSC Home | LARA Home
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