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The Other Generation Resource Option Group is responsible for compiling an inventory of existing renewable energy, distributed, combined heat and power, and other generation resources in Michigan. The group is also responsible for identifying and compiling data on new renewable, distributed, CHP, and new, innovative electric generating facilities that are likely to be available to meet Michigan's electric generating capacity needs. The Other Generation Resource Option work group will also provide estimates for the capacity potential for renewable resources, investment costs, operating costs, and operating characteristics.

Other Generation Work Group Documents

Final Report of Other Gen. Work Group - Jan, 2006 (Appendix F)
Michigan CHP Supply Document, June 3, 2005
Wind - Capacity Factors, June 2005
Wind - MI Energy Potential 2006-2020, DRAFT Jun 14, 2005
Emerging Energy Technologies (Word), DRAFT June 16, 2005
Landfill Gas Data, Mar 31, 2005
Anaerobic Digestion - Summary report, Mar 31, 2005
Anaerobic Digest'n - Co. Index of Prospective Cattle Farms, Jun 05

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations