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The Alternate Energy Technologies Workgroup will update the Capacity Need Forum (CNF) data where needed. Other focus areas will be an assessment of costs and schedules for existing alternative technologies such as: cogeneration, fuel cells, distributed generation, smart grid and smart metering applications. In addition, emerging technologies will be identified and assessed.
Teams of the Alternative Technology Workgroup have been identified as: Emerging Tech Team; SmartPowerGrid Team; Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Team; and Policy Team (merged with Renewable Workgroup's Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Team)
Below are excerpted chapters from the 21st Century Energy Plan appendices specifically related to Alternative Technologies. The entire report can be downloaded from the home page.

Alternative Technology Documents

Policy Recommendations for Renewables and DG, Jan 31, 07
Resource Assessment for Alt Technologies, Jan 31, 07
CHP Potential, Jan 31, 07
DG Technology Matrix, Jan 31, 07
Smart Power Grid, Jan 31, 07

Distributed Technologies Strawman, Comments due by Aug 21, 06
Smart Power Grid - Task and Assignments, Revised Aug 9, 2006
Smart Power Grid - Draft Report Outline, Revised Jul 27, 06
Smart Power Grid - Draft Report Narrative Guide, Jul 19, 06
Smart Power Grid - Technologies Matrix, July 19, 2006
Smart Power Grid - Reference document, Jun 26, 06

Survey for CHP Potential, Jul 7, 06
CHP - Tasks and Assignments, Jul 7, 06
CHP - Position Statement, Jun 20, 06

EmergeTech - Task and Assignments, Aug 11, 06
EmergeTech - 2nd Draft Report Outline, Jun 26, 06
EmergeTech - FINAL Characterizat'n tbl in WORD format, Jun 14, 06
EmergeTech - Position Statement, Jun 12, 06

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations