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The Capacity Need Forum (CNF) Update Workgroup will concentrate on the data, assumptions, and modeling used in the recently completed Capacity Need Forum process, in order to identify what additional information is required to best model Michigan's electric power future. Assignments for this workgroup include reviewing/updating: the forecast of Michigan electricity demand, the assumptions used to screen various technologies for modeling, load duration curves, recent transmission studies and central station power plant options, including integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) coal-burning plants. In addition, various straw man policy proposals will be developed and presented to the entire workgroup for comment and consideration.
Teams of the CNF Update Workgroup have been identified as: Demand Team; Transmission Options Team; and Baseload Options Team.
Below are excerpted chapters from the 21st Century Energy Plan appendices regarding Central Station issues and the integrated resource plan (IRP). The entire report can be downloaded from the home page.

Capacity Need Forum Update Documents

Policy Recommendations for Central Station, Jan 31, 07
Integrated Resource Plan, Jan 31, 07
Resource Assessment for CNF Update, Jan 31, 07

Central Station Strawman Proposals, comments due Aug 21, 2006
Forecast of Energy and Demand Requirements, July 31, 06
Strawman Summary Matrix, Draft Jul 30, 06
Updated Fuel Forecast, June 06
Updated Coal Plant Costs, Sept 06

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations