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The Energy Efficiency & Load Management Workgroup will be responsible for making a more detailed benefit versus cost assessment of the potential for traditional utility programs and non utility programs. Examples of utility programs include efficiency programs (lighting and air conditioning) and demand response programs (interruptible load, time of use pricing, demand subscription). Non-utility programs would include recommendations for building code and appliance standards.
Teams of the Energy Efficiency Workgroup have been identified as: Energy Efficiency Programs Team (merged Utility and Non-Utility Programs); and Demand Response Team (merged Active Demand Response and Price Response).
Below are excerpted chapters from the 21st Century Energy Plan appendices regarding Energy Efficiency. The entire report can be downloaded from the home page.

Energy Efficiency Documents

Policy Recommendations for Energy Efficiency, Jan 31, 07
Resource Assessment for Energy Efficiency, Jan 31, 07

En Eff. Strawman Summary Matrix, Comments due by Aug 21, 2006
Energy Efficiency Potential for Michigan, Aug 2006
En Eff. and Load Response Strawman Proposals, Jul 21, 2006

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations