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Download the 21st Century Energy Plan

  • 21st Century Energy Plan, Jan 31, 2007
  • Energy Plan Appendix I
  • Energy Plan Appendix II
  • MPSC Energy Plan Press Release

    The Plan contains two appendices. Appendix I contains the Staff policy recommendations and Appendix II contains the resource assessments for each workgroup. The Report can also be downloaded on workgroup webpages by topic specific to that workgroup. (For example, energy efficiency resource assessment and energy efficiency policy recommendations can be separately downloaded from the Energy Efficiency Workgroup webpage.)

    Other Energy Plan Documents

    NewEnergy's Resouce Expansion Plan Results, Jan 29, 07
    Comments received on Electric Energy Policy, Sept 12 2006
    Info on Policy Issues and Request for comments by Aug 21, 2006
    2006 Electric Forecasts for Demand and Energy

    Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations