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The Renewable Energy Workgroup will concentrate on reviewing and updating data and assumptions used in the recently completed Capacity Need Forum (CNF) process. Where possible, this workgroup will provide the best available information on the potential and expected costs for Michigan renewable energy production and use. Important renewable energy policy issues will be identified, and recommendations for addressing them will be suggested. One project already identified for this committee is to calculate the expected annual average capacity value and on-peak capacity contribution of wind generation in Michigan. This workgroup expects to work closely with the MPSC's ongoing Michigan Renewable Energy Program (MREP)
Teams of the Renewable Technology Workgroup have been identified as: Resource and Technology Team; and the Policy Team (merged with Legislative Team and Alt Tech Workgroup's Regulatory and Policy Team).
Below are excerpted chapters from the 21st Century Energy Plan appendices regarding Renewable Energy. The full report can be downloaded from the home page.

Renewable Energy Documents

Policy Recommendations for Renewables and DG, Jan 31, 07
Resource Assessment for Renewables, Jan 31, 07

Distributed Technologies Strawman, Comments due by Aug 21, 06
RPS Strawman Summary Matrix, Comments due by Aug 21, 06
Compiled Comments on Staff Strawman RPS, updated Jul 10, 06
Request for Comments on Strawman RPS, Due Jun 30, 06
Survey of State with RPS: Supporting Policies, Jun 13, 06
Summary of MI Renewable Legislation, Jun 7, 06

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Presentations