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MPSC - Electric Customer Choice Reports .

Program Status

MPSC Reports on the Status of Electric Competition in Michigan

As of December 2013, Consumers Energy had just over 1,000 customers participating in the electric choice program and DTE Electric Company had just under 5,500 choice customers participating.  The electric choice programs for both companies were fully subscribed at the 10 percent cap throughout the year. As of December 2013, Upper Peninsula Power Company had 39 customers participating in the electric choice program and Indiana Michigan Power Company had zero customers participating. During 2013 customers began taking choice service in the Wisconsin Electric Power Company and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation territories. As of December 2013, Wisconsin Electric Power Company had over 50 customers participating in the electric choice program and Wisconsin Public Service Corporation had 13 customers participating. Upper Peninsula Power Company and Wisconsin Electric Power Company were fully subscribed at year end 2013.

To date, Michigan remains one of 16 jurisdictions that had full or limited restructuring of the competitive electric market.  Benchmark information comparing Michigan’s electric retail rates versus the 16 restructured jurisdictions, 10 largest states, midwest states and the national average can be found in Section I (D) of this report.

In 2013, the Commission issued multiple orders that adhere to the established framework for Michigan’s electric customer choice programs and support the provisions of Public Act 141 of 2000 and Public Acts 286 and 295 of 2008. 


Highlights of the report include:

  • Choice Participation Data in Michigan

  • Utility Specific 10 percent Cap Data

  • Benchmark Data for Michigan's Rates

2013 Annual - 1/31/14
PDF (1.75 MB)
2012 Annual - 2/1/13
PDF (1.55 MB)
2011 Annual - 2/1/12
PDF (659k)
2010 Annual - 2/1/11
PDF (659k)
2009 Annual - 2/1/10
PDF (598k)
2008 Annual - 1/30/09
PDF (1.6MB)
2007 Annual - 2/1/08
PDF (624k)
2006 Annual - 2/1/07
PDF (1 MB)
2005 Annual - 2/1/06
PDF (72k)
2004 Annual - 1/31/05
PDF (344k)
2003 Annual - 2/1/04
PDF (677k)
2002 Annual - 2/5/03
PDF (840k)
2001 Annual - 2/4/02
PDF (57k)
2000 Annual - 2/1/01
PDF (35k)

The Customer Choice Program activity is incorporated in the specific utility charts updated monthly for Cloverland, Consumers Energy, DTE Electric Company, UPPCO, I&M, WEPCo and WPSC. The charts show cumulative number of customers, MW, enrolled and in-service on an eighteen month rolling forward basis. The most current monthly information is listed in the last column of each chart.

Comments or questions on these reports may be directed to:

      Sheila Cornfield
      Customer Choice
      Financial Analysis & Audit Division (517) 284-8250
      Michigan Public Service Commission
      (517) 284-8267


      Heather Cantin
      Customer Choice
      Financial Analysis & Audit Division (517) 284-8250
      Michigan Public Service Commission
      (517) 284-8266

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