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MichPSC-Gas Choice - Michigan Gas Utilities
MPSC Gas Customer Choice Program: Michigan Gas Utilities - MGU
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Customer Choice Tariff (PDF format 50K) from rate book


Gas Customer Choice Tariff Order (PDF format) from U-15929

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Effective June 1, 2002, the Michigan Public Service Commission approved a permanent gas customer choice program for Michigan Gas Utilities - MGU's natural gas customers on February 25, 2002 in Case Number U-13232.

The program gives all customers the option to obtain natural gas from a supplier of their choice. This means that you, as a residential or business customer will now be able to choose a new gas supplier. MGU will still continue to provide gas distribution service by delivering your gas to your home or business.

If you do not wish to switch to a new supplier your gas service will continue to be provided by MGU and the price of your gas supply will be regulated by the Public Service Commission. If you wish to switch to a new supplier the price you pay for your gas supply will be the price the supplier offers.

If you choose to participate in the customer choice program you may return to the utility at any time. If you switch back to buying gas from MGU after participating in the customer choice program you are required to remain an MGU sales customer for 12 months before you can choose a new supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Michigan Gas Utilities - MGU

Gas Customer Choice Program
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  Bullet Who is eligible to participate in MGU's Customer Choice program?  
  All residential and business customers are eligible. Transportation customers must comply with any minimum term requirements of those tariffs. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary.  
  Bullet If I am on Budget Billing, an equal monthly billing program, can I participate?  
  Bullet What if I do not wish to switch to a new supplier?  
  That is your choice. If you choose to remain a sales customer of MGU the price that you pay for your gas supply will be determined by the Michigan Public Service Commission. See current rates.  
  Bullet How do I sign up with a new supplier?
  You can sign up over the telephone, via the Internet, or in person. You will need to provide your name, address and MGU account number and meter number if you want to sign up with the new supplier. These numbers are on your bill. Your new supplier will then send the information to MGU. To avoid unauthorized switching, do not disclose specific account information if you do not want to be switched to a new supplier.  
  Bullet Is there a sign up period?

No. All sales customers have been eligible to choose another supplier since June 1, 2005.

  Bullet How can I find out which suppliers are participating in the program?
  See Supplier/Marketer Contacts page for a list of suppliers that are licensed with the MPSC.  
  Bullet How long will it take to switch to a new supplier?
  About two to six weeks depending on when your gas utility reads your meter.  
  Bullet Can I switch from one supplier to another?
  Yes, you can switch to another supplier at any time. However, be sure to ask your potential suppliers if there is a cancellation fee or a minimum term to be eligible for the savings or rebate. When you enroll with a new supplier you will automatically be canceled with your old supplier and may be responsible for a cancellation fee at that time. You can switch back to MGU sales service at any time, but must remain with MGU for the following 12 months.  
  Bullet How do I cancel my contract?
  You must contact the supplier to cancel your contract. The MPSC does not regulate the supplier and therefore cannot cancel or change contracts.  
  Bullet Do I have to pay a fee if I switch suppliers?
  There is no fee for your original enrollment and you are also allowed to switch once each year without a fee. There is a $10.00 fee for each additional switch.  
  Bullet Does the Michigan Public Service Commission regulate the rates of the suppliers participating in the program?  
  No. It is up to you to determine if a supplier meets your needs. Be sure you understand the terms of the contract and the price you will pay, including any additional administrative fees the supplier may charge. If you have questions or problems concerning your gas supply, you must contact the supplier. See Supplier/Marketer Contacts page.  
  Bullet Who will deliver the gas to my home?  
  MGU will continue to deliver gas to your home. You will not need a new service line or meter if you choose a new supplier. For a typical residential customer, the delivery (distribution) cost and monthly customer charge are the same as a MGU sales customer. MGU also charges a $0.042 per Ccf balancing charge to all customers. Customers of alternative suppliers will see this as a separate charge on their bills. Customers who do not switch will continue to have the charge included in the GCR factor on their bills. This charge covers the costs associated with gas storage and moving gas out of storage into the distribution system.  
  Bullet If I choose an alternative supplier to purchase gas on my behalf, do I pay my utility any charges??
  Yes, you would pay the utility delivery charges that you have always paid. These charges consist of the Monthly Customer Charge and the Distribution Charge. You will also see the balancing charge as a separate charge on your bill. The amount you agree to pay your alternative supplier for the gas they purchased for you will be billed and collected by MGU and MGU will pay your alternative supplier.  
  Bullet Will I continue to pay sales tax on my entire bill if I switch suppliers?  
  Yes. If you are a residential customer your bill will include a 4% sales tax rate on the total bill. If you are a business customer, the rate is 6%.  
  Bullet Who do I call if I smell gas?  
  If you smell gas, have a service emergency or have a billing dispute you will still call MGU for help.  
  Bullet Who do I call if I have a billing dispute?  
  MGU will continue to read your meter and send you a bill for their delivery service and the gas you purchased from your supplier. Call your energy supplier if you have any questions concerning your gas charges. If you have questions concerning your customer charge, distribution charges, or balancing charge, you will still call MGU.  
  Bullet What can I do if I can't get my problem resolved through Michigan Gas Utilities or the supplier?  
  If you have not received a satisfactory response from your gas utility or your new supplier, inquire or complain to the staff of the Michigan Public Service Commission (at under Consumer Information).  
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