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MPSC Gas Customer Choice Program: Alternative Gas Suppliers Licensing Requirements

Public Act 634 of 2002 requires a license. On March 12, 2003, the Commission established licensing procedures for alternative natural gas suppliers participating in Commission-approved natural gas customer choice programs (see order). The licensing procedures apply to any person selling natural gas at unregulated retail rates in Michigan and participating in a Commission approved gas choice program.

Alternative Gas Supplier Application

In Case No. U-15929 the Commission initiated a contested case proceeding to investigate whether any clarifications, revisions, or additions should be made to current utility gas customer choice tariffs. The October 13, 2009 Order in that case adopted changes to the approved gas customer choice tariffs for the participating utilities.

Natural gas suppliers that intend to market or sell gas under the following LDC Gas Choice Programs are required to be licensed by the Commission:
   SEMCO Energy Gas Company (permanent customer choice program that began 10/1/02)   
   Michigan Gas Utilities - MGU (permanent customer choice program that began 6/1/02)   
   DTE Gas Company (permanent customer choice program that began 4/1/02)   
   Consumers Energy Company (permanent customer choice program that began 4/1/01)   

In Case No. U-17580 the Commission approved a gas price comparison website. The September 11, 2014 Order in this case adopted changes to the approved gas customer choice tariffs for participating utilities and also approved Terms and Conditions of posting offers to (under contstruction).

Licensing Forms and Information

Suppliers and prospective suppliers should read the above referenced licensing and gas customer choice tariff orders. The Supplier licensing application is available below.

Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS) applications will be filed electronically via the MPSC’s paperless electronic filing program.  AGS’s should not e-file confidential information with their licensing applications but should provide the confidential material to the MPSC’s Financial Analysis & Audit Division Staff contact.

Before filing an application, the AGS applicant must contact the Executive Secretary Section (Case Management) for assignment of a case number.  Please call 517-241-6155 to receive a case number.

Applicants will submit the application, referencing the case number, via the paperless electronic filings procedure (see the Electronic Case Filings User Manual).

For questions, contact Commission Staff:

Sheila Cornfield
Customer Choice
Financial Analysis & Audit Division (517) 284-8250
Michigan Public Service Commission
(517) 284-8267


Heather Cantin
Customer Choice
Financial Analysis & Audit Division (517) 284-8250
Michigan Public Service Commission
(517) 284-8266

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