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Electric Orders
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March 2015

U-17676Midwest Energy Cooperative ('15 PSCR plan)03/23/2015
U-17679Indiana Michigan Power Company ('15 PSCR plan)03/23/2015
U-17710Northern States Power Company (rate case)03/23/2015
U-17751Commission's Own Motion (deadline extension)03/23/2015
U-17496Consumers Energy Company (ABATE's re-rehearing)03/10/2015

February 2015

U-17136-RDetroit Thermal, LLC (SSCR reconciliation)02/27/2015
U-17633Indiana Michigan Power Company (RE reconciliation)02/27/2015
U-17682Wisconsin Energy Corporation and Integrys Energy Group, Inc. (application for leave to appeal)02/27/2015
U-17751Commission's Own Motion (protective order)02/23/2015
U-17829Commission's Own Motion (Wisconsin Electric Power Company)02/23/2015
U-17283Indiana Michigan Power Company (tracker reconciliation - rehearing)02/12/2015
U-17301Consumers Energy Company (renewable energy plan - final order)02/12/2015
U-17562Wisconsin Electric Power Company (biennial renewable energy plan)02/12/2015
U-17671Upper Peninsula Power Company ('15 PSCR plan)02/12/2015
U-17753Detroit Thermal, LLC (steam sales agreement)02/12/2015
U-17830 ET AL.Alpena Power Company, U-17831 - Consumers Energy Company, U-17832 - DTE Electric Company, U-17833 - Indiana Michigan Power Company, U-17834 - Northern States Power Company Wisconsin, U-17835 - Upper Peninsula Power Company, U-17836 - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, U-17837 - Wisconsin Electric Power Company, U-17841 - DTE Gas Company, U-17842 - Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation, U-17843 - SEMCO Energy, Inc., U-17838 - Cloverland Electric Cooperative, U-17839 - Midwest Energy Cooperative, U-17840 - Thumb Electric Cooperative, U-17367 - Alger-Delta Co-Operative Electric Association, U-17368 - Bayfield Electric Cooperative, U-17369 - Cherryland Electric Cooperative, U-17370 - Great Lakes Energy Cooperative, U-17371 - Ontonagon County Rural Electrification Association, U-17372 - Presque Isle Electric and Gas Co-Op, U-17373 - Tri-County Electric Cooperative, U-17381 - Village of Baraga, U-17382 - City of Bay City, U-17383 - City of Charlevoix, U-17384 - Chelsea Department of Electric and Water, U-17385 - Village of Clinton, U-17386 - Coldwater Board of Public Utilities, U-17387 - Croswell Municipal Light & Power Department, U-17388 - City of Crystal Falls, U-17389 - Daggett Electric Department, U-17390 - Detroit Public Lighting Department, U-17391 - City of Dowagiac, U-17392 - City of Eaton Rapids, U-17393 - City of Escanaba, U-17394 - City of Gladstone, U-17395 - Grand Haven Board of Light and Power, U-17396 - City of Harbor Springs, U-17397 - City of Hart Hydro, U-17398 - Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities, U-17399 - Holland Board of Public Works, U-17400 - Village of L’Anse, U-17401 - Lansing Board of Water and Light, U-17402 - Lowell Light and Power, U-17403 - Marquette Board of Light & Power, U-17404 - Marshall Electric Department, U-17405 - Negaunee Department of Public Works, U-17406 - Newberry Water and Light Board, U-17407 - Niles Utility Department, U-17408 - City of Norway, U-17409 - City of Paw Paw, U-17410 - City of Petoskey, U-17411 - City of Portland, U-17412 - City of Sebewaing, U-17413 - City of South Haven, U-17414 - City of St. Louis, U-17415 - City of Stephenson, U-17416 - City of Sturgis, U-17417 - Traverse City Light and Power, U-17418 - Union City Electric Department, U-17419 - City of Wakefield, U-17420 - Wyandotte Department of Municipal Service, and U-17421 - Zeeland Board of Public Works ('14 EO reconciliation and annual report filings)02/12/2015
U-17829Wisconsin Electric Power Company (Commission's Own Motion)02/10/2015

January 2015

U-15825 ET AL.AEP Energy, Inc., U-15830 - Direct Energy Services, LLC, U-15834 - Liberty Power Delaware LLC, U-15835 - Liberty Power Holdings LLC, U-15840 - Energy International Power Marketing Corporation, d/b/a Powerone, U-16589 - Alger Delta Cooperative Electric Association, U-16590 - Bayfield Electric Cooperative, Inc., U-16591 - Cherryland Electric Cooperative, U-16593 - Great Lakes Energy Cooperative, U-16595 - Ontonagon County Rural Electrification Association, U-16596 - Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-Op, U-16598 - Tri-County Electric Cooperative, U-16599 - Village of Baraga, U-16600 - City of Bay City, U-16601 - City of Charlevoix, U-16602 - Chelsea Department of Electric & Water, U-16603 - Village of Clinton, U-16604 - Coldwater Board of Public Utilities, U-16605 - Croswell Municipal Light & Power Department, U-16606 - City of Crystal Falls, U-16607 - Daggett Electric Department, U-16608 - Detroit Public Lighting Department, U-16609 - City of Dowagiac, U-16610 - City of Eaton Rapids, U-16611 - City of Escanaba, U-16612 - City of Gladstone, U-16613 - Grand Haven Board of Light & Power, U-16614 - City of Harbor Springs, U-16615 - City of Hart Hydro, U-16616 - Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities, U-16617 - Holland Board of Public Works, U-16618 - Village of L'Anse, U-16619 - Lansing Board of Water & Light, U-16620 - Lowell Light & Power, U-16621 - Marquette Board of Light & Power, U-16622 - Marshall Electric Department, U-16623 - Negaunee Department of Public Works, U-16624 - Newberry Water and Light Board, U-16625 - Niles Utilities Department, U-16626 - City of Norway, U-16627 - Village of Paw Paw, U-16628 - City of Petoskey, U-16629 - City of Portland, U-16630 - City of Sebewaing, U-16631 - City of South Haven, U-16632 - City of St. Louis, U-16633 - City of Stephenson, U-16634 - City of Sturgis, U-16635 - Traverse City Light & Power, U-16636 - Union City Electric Department, U-16637 - City of Wakefield, U-16638 - Wyandotte Department of Municipal Service, U-16639 - Zeeland Board of Public Works, U-16640 - CMS ERM Michigan LLC, U-16641 - Commerce Energy, Inc., U-16642 - Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., U-16643 - Direct Energy Business, LLC, U-16644 - FirstEnergy Solutions Corp., U-16645 - Glacial Energy of Illinois, Inc., U-16646 - Integrys Energy Services, Inc., U-16647 - MidAmerican Energy Company, U-16648 - Premier Energy Marketing L.L.C., U-16650 - Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC, U-16651 - Spartan Renewable Energy, Inc., U-16652 - U.P. Power Marketing LLC, U-16653 - Wolverine Power Marketing Cooperative, U-16767 - Duke Energy Retail Sales, LLC, U-16979 - Lakeshore Energy Services, L.L.C., U-17010 - Energy Services Providers, Inc., d/b/a Michigan Gas & Electric, U-17168 - Texas Retail Energy, LLC, U-17254 - Santanna Natural Gas Corporation, d/b/a Santanna Energy Services, U-17338 - Interstate Gas Supply, Inc. d/b/a IGS Energy, U-17455 - Energy.Me Midwest, LLC d/b/a Energy.Me, U-17549 - Plymouth Rock Energy, LLC (biennial plan reviews)01/27/2015
U-16979Lakeshore Energy Services, LLC (biennial REP review)01/27/2015
U-17322DTE Electric Company ('12 REP reconciliation)01/27/2015
U-17630Alpena Power Company ('13 REP reconciliation)01/27/2015
U-17670Alpena Power Company ('15 PSCR plan)01/27/2015
U-17725Consumers Energy Company (contracts)01/27/2015
U-17728Agera Energy LLC (AES license)01/27/2015
U-17742Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative (asset reclassification)01/27/2015
U-17791 ET AL.Alpena Power Company, U-17792 - Consumers Energy Company, U-17793 - DTE Electric Company, U-17794 - Indiana Michigan Power Company, U-17795 - Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin, U-17796 - Upper Peninsula Power Company, U-17797 - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, U-17798 - Wisconsin Electric Power Company, U-17799 - Cloverland Electric Cooperative, U-17800 - Midwest Energy Cooperative, U-17801 - Thumb Electric Cooperative, U-17802 - Alpena Power Company, U-17803 - Consumers Energy Company, U-17804 - DTE Electric Company, U-17805 - Indiana Michigan Power Company, U-17806 - Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin, U-17807 - Upper Peninsula Power Company, U-17808 - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, U-17809 - Wisconsin Electric Power Company, U-17810 - Cloverland Electric Cooperative, U-17811 - Midwest Energy Cooperative, U-17812 - Thumb Electric Cooperative (biennial plan reviews and renewable reconciliation reviews)01/27/2015
MINUTE ACTIONCommission's Own Motion (Administrative Law Judge)01/27/2015
U-17556Christian Oil Company v Consumers Energy Company01/13/2015
U-17723 ET AL.Dillon Power, LLC and U-17769 - Dillon Power, LLC (AES license)01/13/2015 Home | MPSC Home | LARA Home
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