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Gas Orders
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July 2017

U-14286Lakeshore Energy Services, L.L.C., d/b/a CenterPoint Energy Service Retail (AGS license surrender)07/12/2017
U-18151Consumers Energy Company ('17-'18 GCR plan)07/12/2017
U-18327DTE Gas Company (self-implementation refund)07/12/2017

June 2017

May 2017

U-17332-RDTE Gas Company ('15 GCR reconciliation)05/31/2017
U-17890-RUpper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation (Act 304 - GCR reconciliation)05/31/2017
U-18206DTE Gas Company (RDM reconciliation)05/31/2017
U-17941DTE Gas Company ('16-'17 GCR plan)05/11/2017
U-18154Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation ('17-'18 GCR plan)05/11/2017
U-18156Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op ('17-'18 GCR plan)05/11/2017

April 2017

U-18155Northern States Power Company ('18 GCR plan)04/28/2017
U-18219Kilimanjaro Management Company v DTE Gas Company04/28/2017

March 2017

U-17690-RMichigan Gas Utilities Corporation ('16 GCR reconciliation)03/28/2017
U-17692-RSEMCO Energy Gas Company ('16 GCR reconciliation)03/28/2017
U-17693-RConsumers Energy Company ('16 GCR reconciliation)03/28/2017
U-18127Consumers Energy Company (depreciation rates)03/28/2017
U-18140Northern States Power Company (rate case)03/28/2017
U-18166Consumers Energy Company (Act 9 Pipeline)03/28/2017
U-18175Lakesha Allen v Consumers Energy Company03/28/2017
U-18214SEMCO Energy Gas Company (closing docket)03/28/2017
U-18215SEMCO Energy Gas Company (contract amendments)03/28/2017

February 2017

U-17668Consumers Energy Company (waiver request)02/28/2017
U-18112Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (’17 GCR plan)02/10/2017

January 2017

U-18124Consumers Energy Company (self-implementation)01/20/2017
U-18174MHC Swan Creek, LLC v Wolverine Pipeline Company (Erratum)01/17/2017
U-17131-RDTE Gas Company (petition for rehearing)01/12/2017
U-17694-RNorthern States Power Company ('15-'16 GCR reconciliation)01/12/2017
U-17695-RPresque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op ('15-'16 GCR reconciliation)01/12/2017
U-18121Commission's Own Motion (investigation into alleged slamming by Direct Energy)01/12/2017
U-18174MHC Swan Creek, L.L.C., v Wolverine Pipeline Company01/12/2017
U-18189Leo and Margie McClain v Consumers Energy Company01/12/2017 Home | MPSC Home | LARA Home
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