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Notices of Hearing and Opportunity to Comment
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Please note that any information that is submitted to the Commission, will become public information, available on the Commission's Web site, and subject to disclosure. Do not include your street address, phone number or any account numbers if you wish them to remain private.

February 2017

U-18324Alpena Power Company- Prehearing07/13/2017
U-18331Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing07/12/2017
U-18338DTE Gas Company- Prehearing07/11/2017
U-18332DTE Electric Company- Prehearing07/11/2017
U-18365U-18365 MCC Telephony of the Midwest,LLC06/06/2017
U-18381Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing06/29/2017
U-18337Wisconsin Electric Power Company- Prehearing06/27/2017
U-18333Indiana Michigan Power Company- Prehearing06/27/2017
U-18392Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing06/27/2017
U-18370Indiana Michigan Power Company- Prehearing06/22/2017
U-18344DTE Electric Company- Prehearing06/22/2017
U-18328Dawan Daizar Mate against DTE Energy Company- Evidentiary Hearing06/01/2017
U-18340SEMCO Energy Gas Company- Prehearing06/20/2017
U-18330Alpena Power Company- Prehearing06/20/2017
U-17763DTE Gas Company- Prehearing 06/15/2017
U-17762DTE Electric Company- Prehearing06/15/2017
U-18336Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation- Prehearing06/15/2017
U-18339Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation- Prehearing06/14/2017
U-18335Upper Peninsula Power Company- Prehearing06/14/2017
U-18334Northern States Power Company- Prehearing06/13/2017
U-18367Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing06/14/2017
U-18179SEMCO Energy, Inc.(revised)- Prehearing06/08/2017
U-18179SEMCO Energy, Inc.- Prehearing06/08/2017
U-17911-RUpper Peninsula Power Company- Prehearing06/07/2017
U-17920-RDTE Electric Company- Prehearing06/07/2017
U-18384SEMCO Energy Gas Company- Prehearing06/06/2017
U-18385SEMCO Energy Gas Company- Prehearing06/06/2017
U-18252Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing 05/31/2017
U-17919-RIndiana Michigan Power Company- Prehearing05/31/2017
U-17914-RUpper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation- Prehearing 06/01/2017
U-17913-RNorthern States Power Company- Prehearing05/31/2017
U-17912-RWisconsin Electric Power Company d/b/a We Energies and Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation- Prehearing 06/01/2017
U-18261Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing05/25/2017
U-17910-RAlpena Power Company- Prehearing05/23/2017
U-17918-RConsumers Energy Company- Prehearing05/23/2017
U-18255DTE Electric Company- Prehearing05/18/2017
U-18251DTE Electric Company- Prehearing05/16/2017
U-18259Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-Op- Prehearing06/15/2017
U-17771Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing05/11/2017
U-16650Calpine Energy Solutions, LLC f/k/a Noble Americas Energy Solutions, LLC; Notice of Opportunity to Comment 05/08/2017
U-18347Talk America, LLC- Evidentiary Hearing05/10/2017
U-18250Michigan Public Service Commission - Public Hearing05/08/2017
U-18327DTE Gas Company- Prehearing05/09/2017
U-18322Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing 05/09/2017
U-18237Application of Wisconsin Electric Power Company- Prehearing 04/19/2017
U-18236Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation- Prehearing04/19/2017
U-17890-RUpper Michigan Energy Resources Corporation- prehearing04/04/2017
U-18227Calvin Grant against Comcast03/07/2017
U-18206DTE Gas Company- PrehearingFebruary 15, 2017
U-18250Consumers Energy Company- Prehearing February 14, 2017
U-18220Upper Peninsula Power Company- PrehearingFebruary 14, 2017
U-18219Kilimanjaro Management against DTE Electric Company- Prehearing February 13, 2017
U-18224Michigan Energy Resources Corporation- Prehearing

February 3, 2017

U-18156Presque Isle Electric & Gas Co-op- Prehearing February 1, 2017

January 2017

Hearing Date
U-18204Wisconsin Electric Power Company d/b/a We Energies against Empire Iron Mining Partnership and The Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company- PrehearingJanuary 27, 2017
U-18195Consumers Energy Company and DTE Electric Company- Revised Prehearing January 20, 2017
U-18202SEMCO Energy Gas Company- PrehearingJanuary 13, 2017
U-18199Brenda Fausak against Consumers Energy Company- PrehearingJanuary 13, 2017
U-18152DTE Gas Company- PrehearingJanuary 13, 2017
U-18209Peninsula Fiber Network Next Generation Services, LLC, Notice of Opportunity to CommentJanuary 11, 2017
U-18155Northern States Power Company- PrehearingJanuary 10, 2017
U-18153Detroit Thermal, LLC- PrehearingJanuary 10, 2017
U-18157SEMCO Energy Gas Company- PrehearingJanuary 4, 2017
U-18154Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation- PrehearingJanuary 4, 2017
U-18151Consumers Energy Company- PrehearingJanuary 4, 2017 Home | MPSC Home | LARA Home
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