John G. Strand, Chairman Dorothy Wideman
John C. Shea Mary Jo Kunkle
David A. Svanda (517)334-6983

     LANSING, July 13.  The Michigan Public Service Commission is
encouraging interested parties to file comments on The Detroit Edison
Company's and Consumers Energy Company's electric restructuring
implementation plans. Written public comments should be filed with the
Commission by August 10, 1998.  

     During the past two years the Commission has issued a number of
orders to provide a framework for Michigan's electric industry
restructuring.  Electric industry restructuring is intended to permit new
market structures to emerge that will allow competition to price electricity
more effectively and at a lower cost than the current regulatory process.  

     In the Commission's February 11, 1998 order the Commission directed
MPSC staff to work with interested parties on problems related to the
details of implementing electric restructuring.  As part of that informal
process, Detroit Edison and Consumers Energy voluntarily circulated draft
implementation plans which were the focus of discussions at three public
hearings.  As a result of comments received, Detroit Edison and
Consumers Energy revised their implementation plans and filed final plans
with the Commission on June 30, 1998.  

     Implementation plans address a myriad of electric restructuring
issues, including: customer program participation process/requirements;
bidding; service agreements; customer billing and collection and customer
awareness and education.  Copies of the plans are available on the MPSC
Web Site at: or by
calling the Michigan Public Service Commission at 1-800-292-9555.

     Written comments should be sent to:

     Michigan Public Service Commission
     Executive Secretary
     P.O. Box 30221
     Lansing, MI 48909

     "Electric utility restructuring involves many complex issues and
may have a significant effect on the costs of electricity in Michigan," said
Chairman John Strand.  "As the Commission continues to look at electric
restructuring I encourage interested homeowners, commercial and industrial
customers to share their thoughts and comments on this important issue."

     The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and
Industry Services.

Case No. U-11290 
July 13, 1998
(Public Comments on Detroit Edison's and Consumers Energy's
Implementation Plans)