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John C. Shea Mary Jo Kunkle
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     LANSING, January 8.  The Michigan Public Service Commission
today invited interested parties to provide written comments on the MPSC
staff report "Customer Focus Issues and Recommendations" by March 9,
1998.  The MPSC staff report, filed with the Commission last fall, follows
the Commission's June 5, 1997 order in which it opened Michigan's electric
utility market to competition and directed staff, in consultation with
interested parties, to review existing billing practices and available
sources of customer information and report to the Commission on any needed
changes in billing practices or new customer information programs.

     The report contains a discussion of customer protection
recommendations including: supplier and aggregator licensing; rights of
privacy; low income protection; and universal service.  It proposes one
consolidated set of billing and service quality rules for the electric 
industry, which would apply as appropriate to all residential, commercial and
industrial customers.  It also contains a proposed Electric Consumer Bill of
Rights to be used as a foundation for guaranteeing consumer protections for
all electric customers.  The report concludes with a proposed consumer
education and information program to assist Michigan consumers in making
informed choices.  A copy of the 52 page report may be obtained by calling
the MPSC at (517) 334-6436 or accessing the MPSC Web Site at:

     Submit written comments to:

     Executive Secretary
     Michigan Public Service Commission
     P.O. Box 30221
     Lansing, MI 48909

     The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and
Industry Services.

Case No. U-11290
January 8, 1998
(Public Comments on MPSC Staff report - Customer Focus Issues and