John G. Strand, Chairman Dorothy Wideman
David A. Svanda Mary Jo Kunkle
Robert B. Nelson (517)334-6983

     LANSING, June 30.  The Michigan Public Service Commission today requested
briefs on the impact of a recent Court decision on the Commission-approved electric
customer choice program.  The Commission had previously authorized a program that
would allow customers to begin choosing alternative electric suppliers by September 20,
1999.  However, yesterday the Michigan Supreme Court, on a 4-3 vote, ruled that the
Commission lacked statutory authority to implement a similar experimental program. 
The Commission is requesting briefs be filed by July 28, 1999 and reply briefs by
August 11, 1999.

     "The Commission is moving expeditiously to implement the mandate of the
Court," said Chairman John G. Strand.  "We are reviewing the impact of the Court's
order on the customer choice program and we are seeking input from all interested

     The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and Industry

Case No. U-11290 et al.
June 30, 1999
(Court Decision on Electric Customer Choice Program)