Laura Chappelle, Chairman Mary Jo Kunkle
David A. Svanda 517-241-3323
Robert B. Nelson

     LANSING, December 20.  The Michigan Public Service Commission took action 
in a number of cases today to conform to the requirements of the Customer 
Choice and Electricity Reliability Act of 2000 in order to advance Michigan's 
competitive environment for new energy marketers, competitors and incumbent 
utility companies alike.   The Commission's actions balance the rules to assure 
that new energy marketers, competitors, incumbents and customers are fairly 
and equitably treated.  Customer choice will also be enhanced for those who 
want to choose while protection will remain available for customers who do not 
want choice.

     In today's action, the Commission issued nine orders, which address 
incumbent utility depreciation, distribution standards, disclosure standards, 
retail open access tariffs, net stranded costs, unbundling and restructuring 
implementation plans.    Several of these orders addressed implementation 
requirements of Public Act 141.  "Accomplishing the purpose of the Act, we 
ensure that all retail customers in Michigan have a choice of electric 
suppliers; that competition is fostered in the state; that electric generation 
ownership is diversified; and that opportunities for economic development in 
Michigan are improved, while promoting financially healthy and competitive 
utilities," said Chairman Laura Chappelle. 

     The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and Industry 

Cases Nos.U-11722, U-12270, U-12487, U-12488, U-12489, U-12639, U-12649, 
U-12933, and U-12966
December 20, 2001
(MPSC advances Michigan's competitive electric environment)