Laura Chappelle, Chairman Dorothy Wideman
David A. Svanda Mary Jo Kunkle
Robert B. Nelson 517.241.6160

     LANSING, June 5.  The Michigan Public Service Commission today

announced that it is seeking comments by July 13, 2001 on the Commission's

proposed standards for the disclosure of information by electric service

providers to their customers as well as the Commission's proposal by which

electric service providers must inform their customers about the environmental

characteristics of their electricity products.  Reply comments to both proposals

are due by July 27, 2001.  All comments must be submitted in either paper or

electronic version.  Comments in written or electronic format should reference

Case No. U-12487.  Comments should be submitted in written form to:

                 Michigan Public Service Commission

                 Executive Secretary

                 P.O. Box 30221

                 Lansing, Michigan 48909

     Electronic copies should be submitted in the portable document format

(PDF), with requirements for filing these documents available in the

Commission's Electronic Filings Users Manual at:

     On June 19, 2000, the Commission commenced this proceeding to

implement two provisions of Public Act 141 of 2000, the "Customer Choice and

Electricity Reliability Act."  Section 10r(1) requires the Commission to establish

minimum standards for the form and content of all disclosures, explanations,

and sales information disseminated by a person selling electric services to the

general public to ensure that customers are provided with adequate, accurate,

and understandable information to enable them to make informed purchasing

decisions.  Section 10r(3) requires the Commission to adopt a standardized

format by which electric suppliers must disclose information about the

environmental characteristics of their electricity products.  

     Interested parties may contact Commission staff at 800.292.9555 for more


     The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and Industry


Case No. U-12487

June 5, 2001

(MPSC seeking comments on proposed standards for disclosure of information)