Laura Chappelle, Chairman Dorothy Wideman
David A. Svanda Mary Jo Kunkle
Robert B. Nelson 517.241.6160

LANSING, July 25.  The Michigan Public Service Commission today granted Consumers 
Energy Company authority to establish an optional program designed to encourage the use of 
renewable resources.  The Commission approved Consumers' 3-year Green Power Pilot 
Program that will encourage the development of new, zero-emissions renewable generation 
resources in Michigan through the use of wind, solar rays, or other acceptable forms of 
renewable energy resources.

The program will be available to all of Consumers' residential, commercial, and industrial 
customers.  Program participants will be able to purchase increments of 10, 50, and 100 
percent of their energy from certified generators of renewable energy.  A green surcharge and 
an administration fee was approved at $.0032 per kWh for the 10 percent option, $.016 per 
kWh for the 50 percent option, and $.032 per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the 100 percent option.  
Consumers also received authority to treat certain costs as regulatory assets.

The Commission supports the development of renewable energy sources and accordingly 
finds this application reasonable and in the public interest.  Consumers must file tariff sheets 
consistent with those approved by the Commission within 30 days.

Consumers Energy is headquartered in Jackson, Michigan and provides electric services to 
more than 1.6 million customers statewide.

The MPSC is an agency within the Department of Consumer and Industry Services.

Case No. U-13029
July 25, 2001
(Consumers Energy granted authority to establish an optional renewable resources program)