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Photo Petroleum Pipeline Welding (2K) Wolverine Pipe Line Company's Spartan Project
In a June 9, 2004 Opinion , the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Wolverine must obtain the permission of the city of Lansing before constructing a gas pipeline longitudinally in the right-of-way adjacent to an interstate highway where part of the pipeline would be constructed within city limits. The opinion affirmed the Michigan Court of Appeals June 5, 2003 Order that Wolverine must obtain local consent but that such consent need not be obtained before the application is submitted to the Michigan Public Service Commission.

In an June 5, 2003 Order , the Michigan Court of Appeals affirmed the MPSC's appoval of the Spartan Project and concluded that the MPSC's determination that the proposed pipeline is reasonably designed and routed is supported by competent, material, and substantial evidence. The order noted that consent of local goverment is required by statute.

On July 23, 2002, the MPSC approved, with modifications, the Spartan Project, a proposal filed by Wolverine Pipe Line Company in docket number U-13225 to construct, operate and maintain a pipeline in the Lansing area for the transportation of liquid petroleum products.

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The approval follows hearings in which the parties below presented their positions.
  • PDF Lansing reply to Wolverine motion (4/22/02)
  • PDF Dedden reply brief (4/22/02)
  • PDF Lansing reply brief (4/22/02)
  • PDF MPSC Staff reply brief (4/22/02)
  • PDF Wolverine reply brief (4/22/02)
  • PDF Dedden brief (4/12/02)
  • PDF Lansing brief (4/12/02)
  • PDF MPSC Staff brief (4/12/02)
  • PDF Wolverine brief (4/12/02)
  • PDF Bowman rebuttal testimony (3/15/02)
  • PDF Cooper rebuttal testimony (3/15/02)
  • PDF Kiefner rebuttal testimony (3/15/02)
  • PDF Koster rebuttal testimony (3/15/02)
  • PDF Sara rebuttal testimony (3/15/02)
  • PDF Woodburn rebuttal testimony (3/15/02)
  • PDF Woodford rebuttal testimony (3/15/02)
  • PDF Mazuchowski testimony (2/15/02)
  • Press Release (12/10/01)
  • PDF Notice of Hearing to be held on January 4, 2002 (12/7/01)
  • PDF Application (12/06/01)
  • PDF Map (12/06/01)
  • PDF Cole testimony (12/06/01)
  • PDF Cooper testimony (12/28/01)
  • PDF Koster testimony (12/06/01)
  • PDF Woodburn testimony (12/06/01)
  • PDF Environment Impact Review without appendices (revised 2/25/02)
The proposal follows an MPSC order dated March 7, 2001 in docket number U-12334, in which the Commission approved the southern portion of Wolverine's proposed pipeline. The Commission also approved Wolverine's modified request to withdraw the portion north of highway I-96 with the understanding that Wolverine would refile its northern portion, which is the subject of Wolverine's request noted above in Case No U-13225.
For more information, see www.wolverinepipeline.net

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